Vanity Crash presents a

Cruise Party – FREE

Featuring lots of David Bowie

Saturday, March 2
The Mercury Music Lounge – 18206 Detroit Ave., Lakewood 44107

We are super excited and honored to be booked to perform our Bowie leaning show on the 70’s Rock and Romance Cruise! To balance out the Bowie songs, we’ll be performing many of our complementary Vanity Crash originals.

The 70’s Rock and Romance Cruise features Foreigner (2024 Rock Hall nominees), Randy Bachman of Bachman Turner Overdrive and the Guess Who, Dave Mason, War, Don MeLean, Gino Vannelli, Peter Asher and more.

Besides hanging on the boat, seeing the bands, and overeating, we will stop at the islands of Aruba and Curaçao. None of us have ever been on a cruise, so that will be an adventure, too!

So come on out and celebrate our upcoming cruise shows with us. We will be doing a dress rehearsal of the cruise shows so you can pretend you are there too, especially if you wear your boat clothes. 😉

Presented by Thomas Mulready

Acclaimed impresario Thomas Mulready is known for his avant-garde non-profit festivals: Ingenuity Fest, now in it’s 17th year, and the legendary Performance Art Festival, the largest festival of performance art ever.

He created the CoolCleveland online media network to turn people on to the coolness of Cleveland, the location of David Bowie’s first US concert, the scene of the first Beatles show stopped by police, and the birthplace of rock ‘n roll and punk rock.

Assiduously researched, Mulready’s performances offer a multitude of facts and little-known background, informed by a framework of themes from every stage of the artists’ careers.

Music by Vanity Crash and more...

Vanity Crash was born on stage under hot lights in the crucible of sound and fury as the glam-punk band The Angry Inch in the rock musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Ever since, Vanity Crash has been dressing up and throwing down eye-popping synchronized light shows, outrageous stage costumes and provocative attitude, playing with the likes of the New York Dolls, Poison, Semi Precious Weapons, the Darkness, and Gogol Bordello.

Known for incendiary live shows, Vanity Crash include timeless gems performed live alongside their own blistering originals. Their 5th album, “Phantasmagoria,” includes an original track featuring David Bowie’s longtime pianist, Mike Garson. Vanity Crash is singer/composer/guitarist/arranger Dennis Van Crash, drummer/composer/singer Thomas Anonymous, vocalist/percussionist Virginia Plain Crash, and lead guitarist Matthew Angel.


Presentations include rare archival videos, photos and needle drops,
plus a live music set by Vanity Crash

Presented and directed by Thomas Mulready

Vanity Crash performing “Rock and Roll Junkie”


“Your presentation was really fantastic, I especially liked the video clips that you chose to show.”

– Coleen

“We also thoroughly enjoyed your show last Sunday, it’s stayed with me this entire week.” 

– Hilary

“I really enjoyed the show. It was great to see the impact Bowie had on so many facets of popular culture!”

– Joy

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Below are examples of some of our other shows:


Cultural Exploration
With Live Music

Presented and Directed by Thomas Mulready
Live Music by Vanity Crash

Entertaining and educational presentations featuring rare video clips, needle drops, obscure cuts, and

recently surfaced details of arguably the most influential artists of our time.

David Bowie Part 1: The Early Years: From Davy Jones to the Thin White Duke

Part 1 opens with a 9-year-old David Jones, inspired by the film Don’t Knock The Rock claiming, “That was my ambition, to be in a band playing saxophone behind Little Richard.” Following formal art school tutelage under the father of future megastar Peter Frampton, and a half dozen failed singles, bands, record labels and stage looks, he finally makes his mark with the sci-fi folk rock novelty Space Oddity, the iconic Ziggy Stardust, and the worldwide hit, Young Americans.

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David Bowie Part 2: Mid- to Late-Period: From Berlin to Blackstar ★ and Beyond

Part 2 begins with the artist living like a king, having achieved stardom far beyond imagination, but strung out on cocaine and subsisting on warm milk and peppers. He flees his near-death existence in LA for the arid Krautrock beat of his Berlin era, the arena-sized celebrity of Let’s Dance, and his always-interesting but overlooked later albums. The show culminates with a close examination of Bowie’s late masterpieces, The Next Day and Blackstar★.


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David Bowie: The Berlin Era

After fame (and Fame) vaults Bowie to the top of the American charts (and to a new personal low), Bowie hooks up with heroin addict and unlikely sobriety partner Iggy Pop and moves to Berlin, the drug capital of Europe to clean up. Incredibly, the plan works. Calling on Roxy Music alum and “non-musician” Brian Eno, Bowie releases Low, “Heroes” and Lodger to critical confusion and growing acclaim, influenced by the arid Krautrock beat of the bands Can and Kraftwerk, and informed by his own funk rock rhythm section.

Interested in this show? 

Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell: David Bowie's Deep Tracks

Let’s peel back the layers and dig deep into Bowie’s catalog for those gems that never quite made it onto everyone’s pop playlist, but deserved to. We’ve listened to every track on every album and bootleg, so you don’t have to. These songs and videos should have been classics. And who knows, maybe someday they will.

If you’re a hard core Bowie fanatic, you’ll recognize many of these epic tracks and videos. If you’re new to Bowie, take your protein pills and put your helmet on; you’re in for the ride of your life.

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Everything Is Subject To Radical Change
Cleveland Performance Art Festival Revisited





Presented and Directed by
Thomas Mulready

Featuring live music by Vanity Crash




When Andy Met Lou

 Andy Warhol, Lou Reed, The Velvet Underground and The Exploding Plastic Inevitable 

The intersection of two masters of the late 20th Century, Andy Warhol and Lou Reed, resulted in a spontaneous combustion of music, film, poetry, visual effects and underground culture that spawned generations of followers and redefined art in the modern world.
Warhol called it The Exploding Plastic Inevitable.

Thomas Mulready presents a multi-media presentation featuring rare video, needle drops, trivia, contests and giveaways, unearthing the back stories of the confluence of Warhol, Reed and the underground experimentation of the EPI. The show includes a live music showcase by the band Vanity Crash pairing music of The Velvet Underground with their own sizzling originals.
All ages will be admitted.
The show contains explicit content.

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The Birth of

in Cleveland, Akron & Kent


Presented and Directed by
Thomas Mulready
Live music by
Vanity Crash

Celebrating 80 Years of Genius




Presented and Directed by
Thomas Mulready

Featuring Dylan music by Jenna Fournier, Papi and the Smears, 
The Modern Electric and Vanity Crash 




Relax and Float Upstream: Behind The Beatles’ Groundbreaking Revolver

Considered by many as the apex of The Beatles’ incredible musical career, Revolver was the first Beatles album with no filler, the first to feature extensive studio trickery, and the first to reflect social concerns. Revolver showcased George Harrison’s fascination with politics and Indian sitar music (Taxman, Love You To), John Lennon’s relentless experimentation with LSD and Tibetan Buddhism (Tomorrow Never Knows, Doctor Robert, I’m Only Sleeping), and Paul McCartney’s topical lyrics and orchestrated backings (Eleanor Rigby, Got To Get You Into My Life, Here, There and Everywhere), while Ringo Starr became the most popular Beatle in America with the international smash hit, Yellow Submarine.

Thomas Mulready dissects Revolver and peels back the curtain to show how the album was recorded, the stories behind each song, and what was happening in The Beatles’ lives at time.

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“(secrets of The White Album)” Behind The Beatles’ Masterpiece

While in India with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi studying Transcendental Meditation, The Beatles wrote what has come to be known as The White Album, considered one of the best albums of all time, and generally tops lists of the best double albums.

Featuring diverse and strong material throughout, favorites might include, Revolution 1, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Happiness Is A Warm Gun, Blackbird, Helter Skelter, Back In The U.S.S.R., Birthday, and the sound collage Revolution 9. The album is known for it’s wildly differing styles, overtly political lyrics, stellar songwriting by John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison (and Ringo’s first Beatles song), and the contentious atmosphere surrounding its creation, causing engineer Geoff Emerick to quit, Ringo Starr to briefly leave the band, and creating tensions that eventually led to the band’s breakup 16 months later.

Thomas Mulready examines The White Album and reveals how the music was made, the anecdotes behind the songs, and the untold backstories.

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Ziggy Stardust Revisited





Presented by
Thomas Mulready

Live Music by
Vanity Crash




Cultural archeologist and avant-garde impresario Thomas Mulready teams up with glam punk superstars Vanity Crash to celebrate what would have been David Bowie’s 75th birthday by revisiting the artist’s pivotal Ziggy Stardust tour, character, music and backstory in a unique, multi-media extravaganza.

The show features exclusive interviews with members of Bowie’s band, The Spiders From Mars. We’ll hear from drummer Woody Woodmansey, pianist Mike Garson, and author Clinton Heylin.

A photo exhibit by photographer Anastasia Pantsios of Bowie’s first US appearance in 1972 will hang on the walls, with prints available.

Vanity Crash presents live original music alternating with Bowie classics and deep cuts. 

All live shows will require proof of vaccination or a recent negative test, and the utmost in care is taken at BOP STOP and Jilly’s Music Room to ensure social distancing, sanitized surfaces, and masking. Audience discretion is advised for those under 18 years of age.


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